May I be

So bold.
As I have found words invading my thoughts, with no where to go.
If i were to give you these words, my friends, may I request you take care of them?

Life does not enable me to pursue and to put the finishing touch.
So here is a random thought...
One that I know you all could do some justice...

"Life dwells on the tip of a teardrop"

Have fun with it...jo


Orion said...

ohhh, I like, I like! May I???

Life dwells on the tip of a teardrop

touchez, goƻtez-moi -
How can one forgive, forget:
Absence steals presence.

This adage flows through:
Life dwells on tips of teardrops
Truth was only you.

Salt and water merge
Stream of consciousness cries clues:
Verbiage of fools.

ian russell said...

i'm not a writer as such but i am exploring the potential of poetry and i thought i'd use your prompt to try out some verse. i hope you don't mind. :o)

Jod{i} said...

Ian, that is why I posted :)

DEREK said...

I'm going to try it.