Still Trying...For now

My revival has not been the most successful thing in the world but;
  • I'm a newbie here
  • My pictures may stink
  • And maybe this place has been dead for ages

I feel good that at least I am trying. This week I have no picture. There were enough a while back and no one cared. This week I have a simple idea.

What does attitude mean to you?
those are the full instructions, here is what I thought: http://pastpoems.blogspot.com/2006/12/rules-to-be-good.html


Cynthia said...

It's good to see someone posting here even if I'm too busy to contribute. Keep it up.

Clockworkchris said...

just one comment per post and I will-I know it's the season to be Jolly-with family, not on the computer. I appreciate your input cynthia and I will be sure to post next week. Thanks for reading.

RomanceWriter said...

What does attitude mean? Hmm.

Off the top of my head here is a quick poem on the subject.

Her Attitude

you jut your chin out at me,
cut your eyes

you measure me
and I surmise

you've had your fill of taking it
you've had your share of crime

and all the sweetest in you
has curled up and died...

You never say the words,
I hear them all the same

this new attitude of yours,


And I

I feel your rage.

Clockworkchris said...

romance writer,
Thanks for saying it much better than I. A bad attitude definetly burns.

Katie McKenna said...

Wow! Fabulously written romancewriter.

writerwoman said...

Thanks Katie and Chris!

Happy Holidays,