Up or Down

I needed to see something else posted so I found my own picture and went with it. If anyone would like to do the same leave it on your blog and comment with a link. Also I don't care if you critique my stuff-I'm sure I've heard worse and I am writing it online in five minutes.

I stole this picture here: www.dolphindesigns.info/andreaphotos/igloo.jpg

Red, White, and Black
Some of the colors of skin and blood
We see every day
In this silly war
But there are more
To these stairs
Than meet the eye

Those we aren't supposed to care about
The ones really suffering
From our choice to invade
What may or may not have been nothing
But a scam for Mr. 91

What does 91 stand for you ask?
His IQ of course, you didn't know
Probably the lowest for a president
Since the year 1900
Or when the test was standardized
Whichever it was that came first

The lights, the steps, the colors
They have a pattern
But I can't really tell
Are they moving forward, Or backward
Is this a painting, Or a picture
Do they go up or down

And which direction are we moving
Forward or backward, up or down

*Best I could do in 5 min with phone calls, sorry...I would not call it a poem, just thoughts


writerwoman said...

I liked the lines about the lowest IQ, yeah that could not be more true.

I played along and posted something on my blog. You are great for taking the time to revive this site.

Master swaV said...

hey thsi was the best i could do after 6 bbers and and while listenng to bush "chemmicals between us.' all i have to sayis thank u for spellcheck. anyways ill include an older poem i wrote cause this kinad reinded me of it.

To this I must say… you ask “up or down”. I say its more then a simple latitude, or a relevant or maybe irrelevant height. As I look with my eyes, peering down to the blank white I see a descending stair case much like life… no matter what your always spiraling down towards the end no matter how many stairs you may climb towards the top. Be that as it may that’s not what the eye of my soul sees. I see red and black tumbling down into white… and the white goes on. One half is red the other is black; always descending and moving forward for direction has no concept in the matter of emotions. What does is yin and yang. You ask me up or down and leave me to look at this straight forward for this I shall not run, plummet, or tumble. I shall simple walk between the red and the black towards the white marveling at the spiral to my sides, top, and bottom for what task you have set only has the limits of my imagination. And now… lets slip deeper into the abyss. Humanity must always look at things so realistically to form any concept of direction. The answer is the simplest of all. Both the red and the black would feel different just as emotions do. Only the white would feel the same. You ask me to choose my way and I have. I chose the consistency for red sets my heart ablaze with anger, black with despair, and white with hope. Now with my intoxicated mind I can think little more without breaking down walls I cannot face. So with this I leave… you to walk, run, or tumble your own way.

old once
Running through the maze of confusion. I long for a place to rest. I ask my self: is fate amused. I ponder all choices in my mind, yet form no answers. To cry a tear in the judicial pilgrimage of though would but lay another sin upon my head at best. The question to my answer none can find. The answer to my question one can find. Now at the corridors of mystery, I see the blackened abyss has all but swallowed my mind but still I debate the question. I recall all my past yet no words of wisdom fall. Now I have one stepping stone left all others are contained in the darkness. Now surrounded by enigma all seems lost but the answer to my question I must know. From fourth my last pillar of knowledge I leap into the darkness of mystery. Where I shall land is uncertain… yet I must know.

Clockworkchris said...

Sara-I appreciate the compliment. I am not great though. I am just manic and have a lot too say and no one to say it too. Many more people come to this page than mine, but I am trying to limit my posts to once a week or so here. It isn't my place to take over, but I would love a revival.
Swav-I have such an urge to say "Rico Swa ve" every time I see your name, thought you should know that. I read everything you wrote despite my impending appointment at Borders to play chess for a few hours. Since we have to go "up or down, " maybe this week I can end the 1-50ish streak and win again. Maybe I should practice more and write less, but that's no fun.
What you wrote was good, although it isn't as much fun to read all crammed up in a comment box. The older poem I really enjoyed.