It doesn't have to stop because TJ is gone

Hi to lots of people I don't know yet, except for one. I am new to this but I have written a few poems using the format given here and was invited to join. I thought since TJ is gone till Spring, it might be a nice suprise for her to see that all of the authors kept up the writing. I don't know if it will work but I am going to try by posting some pictures for topics and try to head in the direction the idea started with. Pick a picture and write a poem, fiction, non-fiction, haiku, story, whatever you like and post it. Maybe we can revive this site a bit. Also because I am a beta-blogger I had to create this new name but my blogger name is clockworkchris and my site is pastpoems.blogspot.com. Not trying to plug myself (hence it's not a link) but I can't actually add my name as an author until TJ gets back. Thanks for giving me a chance. And if the pictures suck then I apologize in advance-I took them all, I have no time to search the net right now. If no one uses them I will spend some time online searching for better ones.
















The anime picture was captured from a movie I have but all the rest are mine. I realize usually people have posted more of spruced up painting and photoshop pics, so I sincerely hope some of these are okay. Since I took them I know my story behind each one, and it would be rhetorical of me to write about it now.
I really hope this works. Please feel free to comment-I will respond within 24 hours.


akhil said...

Welcome aboard chris >:D<

...the pics are nice.

Clockworkchris said...

I appreciate that. I was beginning to wonder if it was indeed a waste of time

Master swaV said...


The cascade of life flowing like a twisting serpent, moving today and always seeing nothing but remnants of yesterday graced with held tears. Now I call and at the same do tell how this fantasy if reality, as seemingly true as it is basks in illusions from years past. As it would be caught in this still picture frame, so is it in the frames of time. Tonight I pray call with your soul’s words and tell as to why we hold memories in this stagnate contradiction of a detail; being that something and everything always changes in some way or “way-word”. Is the glass full or half empty? I say in the middle but that is nothing more then words… and a way. Being that everything known came from an opinion and opinions do change. I shall say the leaves of a tree are no longer green but blue… and blue is now green and let us delude ourselves with the thoughts that you and the like and maybe even those that are such like… or lack of any like all agree that blue is green and the sky is now green. Not possible you say… hmm… let me think on this. Though I have no thoughts on this here is my trivial idea when was blue called blue? I wasn’t there I had as neither did you have a say in this now… saying. Maybe saying is too much… be it the thought of a definition. Nay shall we say this all goes back to that one still frame back in time, a lost memory for the recorded grandest of my former sires are dust and new earth. Now let us see what we have called up I shall surmise that life is nothing more then… a thought and now the circle is closed so go child and play in the fields, bask in the moonlight for when you think of them time shall continue and all that you remembered has changed. Now I shall go stare at the green sky sitting under a blue leaved tree.

yea i know i got a lil carried away and changed styles kinda before even mid away through... ah tho it wasnt too bad for 20 min poem. been bout a year since i wrote and it was good to again i needed it. tho i do wana point out 2 things.

tears- the condensation in the clouds.

and clouds always change like how a snake moves its body and how its scales shape diff with each move.

God protect

writerwoman said...

For picture 14, a poem.

where did you go?

you here only a moment ago.

or was that a dream?

you and me on the path by the stream.

you and me... and forever stretching like

wisps of smoke, drifting and leaving me cold.

oh there's beauty here, such loveliness, with God floating around in the air.

still there's no beauty here, not when I'm this needy, dying and bleeding, crumbling down on the stones.

weren't you mine just five minutes ago?

where are you?

you're killing me.

tell me, where did you go?

writerwoman said...

I hope it is okay I played along. i think the idea behind this site is fantastic.


Clockworkchris said...

Master Swav;
That was some awesome writing. I did notice you changed styles at some point but that did not make it any less interesting. I realized I promised to check and reply within 24 hours and I don't get an email when updates are made-I actually have to manually check. This may make it more like 48 hours for future reference. I am so happy one of my pictures could bring some inspiration out. Keep up the writing.
Writer Woman or Sarah;
Wonderful poem. I like that picture a lot myself. I seem to write lots of poetry about you and me, or her and him. It was a beautiful poem. You definetly got the idea behind the site and I'm glad you enjoyed it.
If anyone else wants to write and wants it visible rather than hidden in a comment page then just write it on your blog and send a link to the specific part of your blog where it is. Great job!