AN idea brewing..quick run & hide

{Jodi is thinking}
Hello, wow it has been so long. I have a bit of a "challenge(?)".
Eons ago when I was still in the land of Aol OZ, I had written a sidebar story. Well once again, looking for a post idea and just feeling the need to see a whole bunch of words fly on the screen(lol), I did another.
I challenge all my fellow writer's here and whomever pops on by!
Come on play! Write me a story, using your links as prompts. For an idea of what my nonsense is about take a pop over and see!

Oh and maybe some free traffic to your blog if you choose!
I hope all is well!!!!



RomanceWriter said...
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RomanceWriter said...

I think this blog is a geat idea! I would love to get to know all the writers involved better. Just so you know, I linked to this blog on my poetry blog.


Orikinla Osinachi. said...

You are a writer at heart.

I just updated my poem on you and posted it on...
You know where it is.
Just follow your heart.

Cheers and God bless.

Clockworkchris said...

As a newbie to this idea, the entire site, not this particular entry, I have a bunch of questions. I usually pick one word and develop a poem around it. Using a picture would be awesome. How exactly do I join the club? I am not very up on internet code although I do know plenty about computers. Do you post groups of pictures often, and do I have to choose from those pics or can I use my own. And in your most recent post-this one-how do I "take a pop over and see"? Prefer you post a response for anyone else who wants to know, but email me or leave me a comment at my page so I can get back here quickly. This idea seems exciting and I know Orion a little.

Clockworkchris said...

Well I literally wrote an email to everyone listed as a writer on this page. That should spark a little attention I hope-Sorry I'm in such a hurry-but who knows, I could die tomorrow and this could be my last Horah! :)