I’d a dream.
I kept it safe in my heart

Until it grew,
Until it grew wings
And I’d a bigger dream
To fondle –

Oh, Once I dreamt a dream
Didn’t realize
I’d dreamt it already
Before it got over before it did

The love wasn’t mine –
The love wasn’t hers,
But it was love I know.

I’d then wish.
I’d never had the wish –
When I knew it’d be a wish
So really wished in vain
I’m insane –

Oh, Once I loved a girl
Didn’t realize
I’d wished it already
Before I took in that I was stupid

Somehow, I forgot the love
Somehow we both did,
But, it was love we know.


-: :Abhi: :- said...

Seriously Gud man!!! Gud one!!...Once in a life sumthing tht everyone undergoes!! :)

writerwoman said...

So pretty! I loved getting lost in that dream.

Jod{i} said...

Oh Akhil, wonderful and flowing I like!

TJ said...


akhil said...

@ : :Abhi: :-
thanks man, ...&, so true :)

@ writerwoman
loved pretty much living the same.

@ Jod{i}
yup, love is one great feeling to be in.

@ TJ
:) it's so encouraging to hear that from someone like you.