An Angel

3rd person view

The angel burst forth
Out of the ocean
Causing tidal waves
And stirring the violent winds
About her body
Wings brilliantly lit
Casting down a shadow
That covered the sea
From the sun overhead
Only she could not escape
The grip held by the ribbons
Looking so innocent at first
But actually binding her forever
To an eternity of short breaths
From the watery depths of solitude
She had been cursed to endure
For loving a human
Over her God

2nd person view

You have disgraced me angel
Loving a false idol
Such as a human
More than me
For this you are baned
For an eternity
To wage war against the sea
Slowly sinking
If you do not fight
With all that you are
To stay above water
And catch a glimpse
Of the glory of heaven
You left behind

1st person view

I only wanted a glimpse
Of what it was like
This life on earth
We are teased with
But never get to be part of
As angels
Yes I took a man
But I never held them higher
Than you my Lord
Why must you punish me
With these chains of silk
Looking so easy to escape
But being made by you, perfect
And unbreakable
How long must I suffer
Before you release me
Let me fly back to your glory
And lavish you with my obedience
Kisses, Prayers, and Love


TJ said...

All three views! Some many layers of truths, desires and illustrates for points of view with such great words!
Love it!~

Clockworkchris said...

Thanks TJ-it was all in the picture. I have a friend who wants me to get an artist to combine that picture with one I took in Hawaii of an ocean wave breaking on rocks and turn it into a tatoo.

TJ said...

How cool is that!!!
Thank you for sharing your work. If the tatoo comes to life post the photo for us would you?