New Photo- a Challenge for your expression

Three choices are first person, second person, and third person.

Writers please decide from what point of view you want to express your ideas.

First person indicates the writer is the speaker or narrator. This form is most commonly used when writing about personal experiences or in expressing one's own opinion. The first person pronouns include I, me, my, mine, we, our, and ours.

Second person indicates the person to whom the writer is speaking. This form is most commonly used when describing a process, giving directions or advice, or in coorespondence--letters directed to a specific individual. The second person pronouns include you and yours.

Third person indicates the person (or thing) about whom the writer is speaking, to refer to other people. In addition to being used when the writer prefers to present a story from someone else's point of view, this form is generally preferred in more formal expository writing such as research papers and business reports. The third person pronouns include she, he, her, him, hers, his, it, its, they, them, theirs.

Hope to see alot of different views.
I thought this picture could be a photo of no expressed gender for the writing project.
Poetry, story, haiku, anything goes...
Can't wait to read you!!

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