· Ceremonious sacrifice on
· Oncology’s floor
· Ushers urgency for this
· Raging young bore.
· Amenable cancer unwanted
· Gate crashes his brain
· Elevated up terminal stage four.

join us if you will


Susan said...

I've lost a father and sister to cancer: what a magnificent subject for this prompt! Congratulations on doing such a beautiful job of it too; I loved the rhyme and the music in it.

Amias said...

Dear me TJ, you hit the nail on the head! It does take courage to fight for ones life, especially when cancer is involve. I have seen many just give up.

I agree with Susan, there is good rhyme and music in this piece ...

Maggie said...

My mother and two of her sisters had cancer.

The two sisters died but my Mom`s was caught and treated in time and finally cured.

I have to admitt...my courage level went low when I heard of my Mom`s surgery but felt so blessed when she was cured.

I like your acrostic.