My Expression of Photo #2 written by TJ

In silence she walks with the classmates blending through the halls, always seen but never heard at Lamant's Middle School.

Soberly she makes a sharp left turn into her next classroom just as the bell rings loudly through the hall.

She climbs into her small desk and listens to the interactions of other students as their teacher ask that everyone get quiet and get seatlled.

"Okay students, starting from the back of the row would each of you pass your homework forward?"

Lexi draws a big breathe while wishing as she always does that she could crawl into her invisable box, untouched and not seen by any others.

While looking down at her folder opened in front of her, a tap from behind on her shoulder and the sound of scuffling papers caught her in her day wish.
Reaching her arm up and while actually not looking up she quickly takes the papers and passes them forward hoping no one would notice that she never paused for adding her paper to the collection.

Miss Worthing gather's the small piles of papers from her students sitting in the front desk of each row. "Today class, we will be reading silently to ourselves chapters 7 and 8 and tonight’s assignment is to write a paragraph about what these two chapters are about."

The room is quiet with only a occasional cough and Lexi stares at the open pages in front her while resting her head on her hand.
She can only focus on the ache in her belly from the clouds in her mind from the lack of sleep the night before.
The words below look a blur to her and she can faintly hear a humming noise coming from her ears as the clock's hands move slowly one minute at a time.
Startled by the loud lunch bell Lexi jerks back in her desk from her quiet place.
The loud chatter from her classmates as they begin standing and walking towards the classroom door with a familiar excitement awakens Lexi.

Miss Worthing separates Lexi from the other students by placing her hand on her shoulder.
Lexi stops and watches as the class has coupled off and disappeared down the halls.Trying not to cry, holding back all emotion she stands motionless and clearly visable before Miss Worthing.

"Lexi, I want to help you" softly speaking asks Miss Worthing as she bends trying to position herself face to face with such a small and fragile child. " You can talk to me, please honey won't you tell me what is troubling you?"

Looking up, raising her head she hears the visceral voices from the shadows of her box scream interrupting the moment ...." Don't you say a word! Not a single word! No one must know! You act like everyone else and don't you draw any attention to yourself or we will have to move again...you hear me!"

Head down with her chin resting on her chest and shoulders bent forward the little girl crys,"I am not Lexi, my name is Hannah ... I miss my mommy." she whispers. "They said mommy died and my daddy doesn't want me and my hair isn't really brown...my name is Hannah Marie Morgan, not Lexi Price! I want to go home."

Pandora's Box- Abduction.

by TJ Expressions

Entry for photo expression 02#

Topic [Fiction]

[Write Words Writers Club]


ckays1967 said...

You are very good at twists...just when I thought it was Lexi.

Red said...

Oh you leave me wanting more! I want to know what happens next!...lol
What a twist.
Good Job.

V said...

Aww, the poor child.
I wonder how long it has been since her Mom passed?

TJ, are you going to continue the story? I`ve really enjoyed it!


Ayn said...

Hmm, Yup yup an abduction all right! I bet you her mother is not dead at all and is scared stiff not knowing the whereabouts of her daughter! My instincts say, "we have got to help this child!"


Jod{i} said...

Oh I love it....Funny I picked the same pic, lol

Tammy said...

Very good job! Leaves you wanting more :)

Bedazzzled1 said...

I felt quite a jolt at the ending. My, that was unexpected. Please continue!