"Color Me Beautiful" by Kimberleigh

I am a woman in full bloom
my color is all shades of red
inhale the scent of me
and color me beautiful
kmh 2006


Celeste said...

Oh HOLY MOLY Kim...you just "spoke me"...through and through. LOVE this. ;) C.

ckays1967 said...

now that you mention it....it does...it really does...

Globetrotter said...

You sexy lady, you!

Give yourself another ten years and then you'll feel like me-orange like a pumpkin!

Wonderful use of words and picture:)

TJ said...

How wonderful when a person can be so comfortable in their skin! Celebrating life, this is wonderful!

TJ said...

I had to come and read this again, it has really struck a note in me. Thank you,a big thank you. I find this so encouraging.

Tammy said...

You rock! Very sensual and went with the painting. Awesome!

Bedazzzled1 said...

Yes, you and your words are beautiful. ::smile::

Excellent take on the picture.