Night Wind

Dearest Mary,

Today, I dreamt of another time where we had been as two wishing to be one. I recalled the moment I first rested my hand on your lap wondering if I would be rebuked. But, you did not move away or scold. Time froze for me that moment an aura of awareness that I were to rest my life upon as the night sky depends on the bright stars to pin it up against unending nothingness.

That moment we were wed to one another as it has been for these many long years since. We’ve danced by the moon’s light and grew stronger as a set of thoughts one more fulfilling than the last. People passed by and whispered into the lull of our shadows lovers’ dreams and although it has been noted that many have been transfigured by the day’s warmth, we’ve huddled together more so given the evening’s chill that awakens clarity and ultimate response.

It is upon these laurels that I have now come in asking your favor by assistance of a dilemma needing to be resolved. I know it isn’t your preference, but I need at this time to be blunt because time is no longer working in our favor. Together, we’ve stood against many lines defending that which has served to separate lesser folks. We’ve ridden the tides of good and evil and found justice as the piercing sword of choice.

As you know my life’s been recently affixed to the East Coast. Robert is still fighting to remain conscious as the wickedness of what’s inside him threatens to dislodge his senses. I have been taken by this community in their strength shown against the plague’s thoroughness. It is here I must be quick. Mary, I ask forgiveness in what I am about to say and ask of you. It is by sorrow and thoughts of misgiving that I put fear or anger upon your loveliness and that thought repulses me. Mary, as much as I have depended on you, and you have depended on me, I have to ask you to release me from your moorings. The local vicar has asked me to pledge my soul against the devil that is consuming my brethren.

I do not know how to stop my dedication to all that I know and have come to be. I owe with great gratitude all that you have inspired me to become. I know that you will cry out in sorrow, “but, I need you too.” I can’t answer to this charge fairly. I am overshadowed in grief and despair that is here now in the present. I will not take you down this road further.

I must go now, because there are others in need of me being resolute. I hold answers to their many needs.

From within my heart’s depth,

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Ann Garvey


V said...

Ayn, I`m so happy that the WWWC readers have a chance to read some of your fiction.

This is really some of your best work. It`s like a chapter in a book. The story makes you imagine what has come before and what will follow.It seems as if written in the 19th century.

This is really exceptional!


TJ said...

I ditto V!
wonderful surprise!

Tammy said...

Wow Ayn, you constantly amaze me with your writing. You have so much going on in your life, yet you make me want to hear more!


ann marie simard said...

More! More! More! A new modern classic.

Ann Marie

ckays1967 said...


This wows me. Completely.


boy I love this place!!!!

Bedazzzled1 said...

Impressive to the max! I agree with V that this feels like a very 19th century writing.