Welcome New Writer

A Big Welcome to Kimberleigh .....

I have many passions....I am a lover of life, I get inspiration everyday from my world around me. I enjoy even the simplest things in life.......a beautiful sky, my children's laughter, the dance of a butterfly and music!



Kimberleigh said...

Thanks! This is a wonderful idea and I'm looking forward to learning more about all of you! Thanks for letting me play along! lol

Ayn said...

Wonderful to have you join us Kimberleigh! You have a nice perspective on life and I'm sure you are going to fit into this medium just fine ... Can't go wrong with a person who loves small children, dogs, and butterflies! Welcome!

Ayn and all

TJ said...

Welcome, always happy to see new writers and readers. We have so much we can share with each other...this is a great place for doing that as we all appreciate the work of others so much.
Thanks for joining us.

Jod{i} said...

Welcome!!! I love how we are growing!!!!