Your Sensual Flares

Hands tremble with each touch
sort of like a halting kind of feel.
Nerves stand on end from the thought
could you, may you actually be real.

Mind wavers from sensual flares
you send up to the skies.
Then send winks down to me
awakening these tired eyes.

You have a way, your way
of whipping my senses to a pulp
leaving me but speechless
with nothing left but a gulp.

It is so unbelievable
I actually see my fantasy alive
not relegated to mere dreams
but show up in writes and thrive.

Your words feel like a stream
warm, comforting and tender.
Always caressing me fully
like nothing else might render.

So thrilled to share with you
as if the wonders are now eight.
I get so passionate in your midst
like an orgasm which fully satiates.

Hands tremble when I wish
only to feel your presence.
Just like a youngster might act
when hormones show in adolesence.

You fill my empty space
overwhelm my lonely spot.
Whatever it is you have
I want every bit you've got.

Del Cano 2006 June


Jod{i} said...

Sigh...Oh Spencer...I love your twirling of words and all the senses!

Nice to see you my friend!

Orion said...

oh, my, Spencer...that is just grand, just....grand.

Kimberleigh said...

I know that kind of love! Butterflies....still after all these years! Love your words!

Tammy said...

This was a very heart touching, cold shower poem. Bravo!!