News for those that care

Blogger original is over. Try signing into your dashboard if you haven't in a while. They would like you to upgrade to Beta, because it is no longer Beta. And on top of that you have to link it to your gmail account if you have one. Great for me, bad for people who liked it this way.

I think since the holidays are around the corner, and when I actually looked back over this blog no one has really given a crap since the beginning of July, I am just going to post some poems or stories when I feel like it and I encourage everyone to do the same thing.

Here are a few...(you can't copy and paste with blogger very well so the alignment is off)


Your like a perfect angel
Radiant and flowing with color
Bringing tears of joy forth
But I am blind
Your scent is that of a warm spring evening
Full of life and fresh flowers
Enough to make a nose happy
But my sense of smell is gone
Your touch is like blowing wind
Softly caressing the surface of my skin
Telling my brain to smile and laugh
But my lips are stitched shut
The hell of enduring you
In my present state
Is worse than any torture
But I am paralyzed
Soul left here gaping
Through this empty shell
That you used to love

No End to Tears

Her tears never seem to stop
A pain I can't imagine
Should I run or help, be still or pray
I just do not know

Lost that I know not the words
Too slow to ever escape
Does God really listen to me?
Am I just a fake?

Silence creates only itself
So it can't be the right choice
But from the corner I'm backed into
I may have no voice

I do believe time can heal
But one can never forget
How much time they spent trying
To get over it
That used to be enough


I don't enjoy being your puppet
A toy that is usually ignored
But expected complete devotion
From me to you at all times
These strings are my prison
And all my movement comes from your fingers
Sometimes I would rather not move
And sometimes a voice would be helpful
How overwhelmed you might be
If you understood love and friendship
If you were mature enough to respect me
I know it would be too much at once
Causing the walls of your protective shield to crumble
Revealing only a confused and spoiled child
Who worried too much about material things
And missed out on social skills class
If I was the puppeteer
Be assured you would miss out on nothing
But blinded by my love for you
I restrain myself in the corner
Until you come again


Katie McKenna said...

Thank you for sharing so much of yourself.

Jus Chris said...

thanks for allowing me a place to do so and visiting this place. It's not mine and I grow tired of being the only person writing but as long as one comment happens I will keep posting. I will be sure to check your blog out if you indeed have one. Sorry if this doesn't sound like a happy response but I am rather angry right now about something unrelated.

writerwoman said...

I think this place my be undergoing a revival. It is possible it will grow into something vibrant once agin next year. Here's hoping,


RomanceWriter said...

I really love the way these lines flow
These strings are my prison
And all my movement comes from your fingers