The Hunt Photo Expression #06

The Hunt

Walk pass the old tree
the one we call Life
follow the fence line
you must not swing right.

The meadow will open
bright greens and some yellow
following scent of wild garlic
breath deep it is mellow.

I would say to count post
but that was seasons ago
if few have gone missing
I would not know.

Watch for the fence
post most weathered by time
for a small shaped bow tied
with some fine fishing line.

You see the East tree line
off a 100 yards or so
that's where you'll find them
remember I never said so.

Photo Expression #06
by TJ

[Finding Morel Mushrooms]

I realize that some morel hunters will hate me for breaking the first rule of morel hunting—never tell anyone how to find morels or where they are at. more here


Globetrotter said...

I like your iambic pentameter:)

I wish I had the nerve to post here, but everyone is SOOOOO good!

V said...

Wow! That was really neat! Original & so well written!

Red said...

Well done TJ. Love it and I wish I had those directions years ago. (wink)

Bon & Mal Mott said...

Back in the late 50s, we actually had morels grow in our front yard. My mother guarded them jealously, and when the time came, we enjoed them tremendously.
Well done.
Bon & Mal

Tammy said...

I really enjoyed this and had to read about the mushroom. Well
done girlfiend!!!

Love, Tammy