Tammy's expression of # 7

I Remember

I remember how you fought to not enter
this place, born with a fear I could never erase.
You were so loved and safe, clinging to me
as if we were one. Illness kept you close to
home, missing school, forever young.

I remember you as that beautiful child who was
learning to be happy, playing in her own little world.
I was the one who shattered your peace, forcing
you to grow too fast with a cloud upon your face.

I remember you blossoming like a flower, but hiding
in the ivy. Trying to fit in by staying hidden from the sun.
You felt the need to be like the ivy, sabotaging your
beauty with lies, clinging to your walls.

I remember you became an adult, running into
the arms of just a boy. He gave you a safe haven where
you could continue to hide, leaving you free from
expectations and the pain of that place outside.

I remember you became a mother, hiding your fears
of what you did not know. Not letting me in because I could
see all that dwelled in your heart. I wish I could save that lost
little girl from the depth of her pain, showing her I am still here.


TJ said...

Tammy this was so honest expatiating upon the insights of mother-daughter relationship.
You have a strong understanding of its value and loss.

emmapeelDallas said...


This is a beautiful poem.


ckays1967 said...

beauty with lies, clinging to your walls.

ah yes...

V said...

Aww, Tammy.
So beautiful, truthful, painful.


Red said...

Very nice, it brings back memories.

Sassy said...

Tammy~This is wonderfully worded for the little girls inside us. Love, Sassy ;-)