here to stay

This life cannot be lived without me. I cannot see it if I'm gone.

So here I am, 34 and a half, hanging in there. Marking time. Would make sense to make a contribution. Taking good old me with this hybrid baggage back home. Find a home for all states of mind. The whole package deal, books and paintings and bubbliness and rainy day thoughtful mind.

I'm still looking.

I'm still looking through the window screen.

Sometimes I think I see its wooden windows and rustic beams. A few rocks on the wall. It's been hanging on my mental wall for so long, that window. In a city near the country. In the country near the city. In a country with plenty of land.

Sometimes I open that screen again, take a quick look from the window. And then run away again.

Today I came by. I saw books and shady corners and natural light. Whitewashed walls, a tranquil happy sort of life where to retire. Take a
ll of it there. Real early. Right now.

I came by the window again and saw a massive wooden door. Somehow I had the key in my pocket. Has it been there for long?
It looks warm inside with the wooden floors and the ancient fireplace and many manuscripts growing on the walls, climbing them like vine, aging like good wine.

In my head I came home to me. Just for a while. It's warm here. I'd like to say I'm here to stay. Because this life cannot be lived without me. I cannot see it if I'm gone.

Call it my home for all states of mind.

I'm still looking. And I'm here to stay.

By Ann Marie Simard


Jod{i} said...

Who wrote this wonderful piece???


Tammy said...

Ann Marie, this was beautiful! I'm in the middle of reading your past entries on your blog. You certainly have a gift!


ann marie simard said...

Thanks Jod{i} and Tammy!

I just added the signature. I was wondering about the same about yours!

I'm so grateful to be part of this.
Thanks for the welcome and reading me, Tammy.

Ann Marie

TJ said...

Nice, I read it twice.

ann marie simard said...

I wanted to add that I do not mark my web-sort-of-art because it's mine. This one piece of writing is not good. {Shame, shame, whine, whine...I'm not happy with it}

Jod{i} said...

Ann Marie it is wonderful!!!

ckays1967 said...

Hey Ann Marie...

I love this! Love it!!!

By the way, as a member you may invite anyone you want to join now. Just send them an invite or I can do it for you. I agree that Cate writes as well as anyone here....

ann marie simard said...

No. Yes. What?????

You are a great bunch of good. Just - you know - goodness. The good.

I was thinking that Cate would be great here....

Thanks for the rum Christina Maria... and ... sorry I finished it...

Ann{a} Mari{a} - I drunk it so now my name has a Spanish accent...

Chris said...

This was an impressive entry, as good as anything I've read in many published self help books. I was amazed to fine the author thought it was not good.

Apparently Ann Marie can write well but her critique skills must suck if she thinks this is a bad piece (totally said with a wink and smile).

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Bedazzzled1 said...

This is a terrific piece!